Resolution to Oppose the Proposed 76ers Arena in Chinatown

Proposed by: Craig Getting, Stan McDonald, Paul Fitzgerald, Joline Price, Darlene Olsen

WHEREAS, the Committee People of Ward 39A hold our elected officials accountable. In the case of the proposed 76ers Arena in Chinatown, this includes ensuring Councilmember Squilla's pledge to support Chinatown and its community members' opposition to the proposed area.

WHEREAS Ward 39A advocates for the needs of working-class people and organizes in solidarity with those who share our values and principles.

WHEREAS the proposed 76ers Arena threatens the livelihood and sustainability of Chinatown, a haven for Asian immigrants and Asian-Americans in the greater Philadelphia region and its culture, businesses, families, community, and infrastructure. Philadelphia’s Chinatown is one of the few remaining Chinatowns in a major East Coast city, and it should be preserved. 

WHEREAS, the proposed arena, which will be open roughly 1/3 of the year, will offer only seasonal jobs and low wage work without the guarantees and protections of the union that workers at the Wells Fargo Center currently have.

WHEREAS, the 6+ years of construction for the proposed arena will generate traffic jams, delays for bus riders, and hazards for cyclists. It will overwhelm existing parking infrastructure and disrupt access to both Jefferson and Pennsylvania hospitals. Furthermore, construction will negatively impact SEPTA bus routes, adding time to commutes and creating a transit burden for working people and small businesses in Chinatown and beyond. 

WHEREAS, the residents of South Philadelphia enjoy that the Stadium District is a central hub for all of the major professional sports teams and allows easy access to sporting events with ample existing parking. Additionally, over $500M public dollars have already been invested into the existing Stadium Complex, which supports the cultural identity and community pride of South Philadelphia.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Ward 39A will formally join the Philadelphia City of Neighborhoods Coalition opposing the arena.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Ward 39A will organize and participate in actions in coordination with the coalition including discussing with neighbors, tabling at events, distributing signs, contacting Councilmember Squilla and At-Large councilmembers, and more.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Committee People of Ward 39A pledge to contact Councilmember Squilla directly to express their opposition to the proposed Arena in Chinatown. Additionally, each Committee Person pledges to ask at least three neighbors to commit to contacting Councilmember Squilla to express their opposition.